Our Company has been rated by Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd. as 2A3 Company and our SWIFT BIC is ZENJBHBM.

During the past 30 years ZENJ EXCHANGE has grown from one single outlet manned by 3 staff into a firm of 12 branches spread all over the estate in central locations in the main cities of Bahrain providing state of the art remittance services to over 60,000 customers monthly to many countries especially the INDIAN subcontinent provided by about 100 professionals of Managers and Staff.

An office in INDIA, KERALA STATE (Cochin) was established in the year 2001 and BANGLADESH (Dhaka) established in 2006 to provide speedy cash and door-to-door services in these two countries. As an agent of MoneyGram and Wall Street Instant Cash (Emirates Post) and direct vostro arrangement with more than 100 banks and exchange houses all over the world, ZENJ EXCHANGE CO, W.L.L. together with its associates and representatives are providing a complete, fast and reliable remittance services worldwide.

ZENJ EXCHANGE over the past three decades has strongly positioned itself as one of the leaders in Money Changing as well as Bank Note activities. ZENJ EXCHANGE is involved in the buying and selling of different types of currencies and it is known to provide the best rates for wholesale Bank notes and Retail notes through our dealers.

ZENJ EXCHANGE web site provides an internet link between both customers and principals. Customers now can find out news, new services, pay status and rates anytime of the day on the other hand principals (banks) can download our pay instructions and remittances from our web at their convenient time using secure means of transfer looked after by our IT Department.

ZENJ EXCHANGE LATEST PRODUCTS include but not limited to TURBO CASH Online Payment System, Turbo Remit Real Time credit to Bank Accounts, Loading any Visa and Master Card in Any Place in the World, Swift Payments to many new banking arrangements.